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Eva: I decided to take part to this trip because it was important, from my point of view, to share this experience together with Pascal. In the frame of my professional activities, I'm used to organise events, to create the marketing and communication plans for the projects I'm managing.

It was very nice to be trained making photo shooting , to write our feeling and impression, to report our meetings and interviews, but also to be my "own boss".


Pascal: I'm Engineer and Photographer. I'm used to meet a lot of people in the frame of my activities as photographer: weddings, modeling books, events...

But my dream was to go to India and Dharamsala so to see where His Holiness is living, to prove to myself I could do that alone and to make a book about this personal experience. I'm not alone in this project since my wife, Eva, is not only supporting me in this project but also involved in the creation of the book.

Little Lhassa : The book

Mc Leod Ganj - Dharamsala - India

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