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Our project

We did two trips in Dharamsala, one in May 2010 and one in March 2011. We went there to discover this piece of Himalayan landscape like "babies", with new eyes, and to meet people without a priori.

We are not Buddhist and we were not familiar neither with Tibetan people nor with Tibetan way of life, habits.

Our goal was to realise a dream: to discover where His Holiness is living and how Tibetan refugees are building their new history. We were also interested to see how the cohabitation with Indian people is, how the Tibetan community is involved in the economic network but also organised to manage the social, medical and governmental aspects.

During the three weeks of our first trip, we met there nice women and men who gave us the desire to go further in this "discovering journey".  So, we organized a second trip of four weeks to go deeper in the knowledge of Tibetan people and to participate in special events like Losar (Tibetan New Year), commemoration of Uprising day, Dalai Lama teachings…

We got an agreement with Venerable Geshe Lakhdor, Director of LTWA (Library of Tibetan works and Archives) to publish our book.  We will supply pictures; LTWA will write the texts and publish the book.  All the profits of the sales of the book will go to LTWA.  This book will be available within a few months.



Little Lhassa : The book

Mc Leod Ganj - Dharamsala - India